Application Process

Application Process

Abstract Submission Deadline – 20 February 2017

Registration form for active participantsThis form should be filled by the presenting author of each work. Each work has only one presenting author. One person can make only one presentation. If one person sends two or more abstracts in which he is a presenter we consider by default only the first sent abstract. The other abstract(s) are disqualified. That is why we strongly recommend: if You want to present more than one work, let one of Your co-authors to be presenting-author.

Registration form for passive participantsThis form should be filled by any other participants who are not presenting authors, co-authors, participants who have no abstract but want to take part in the event.

Case Reports will be Accepted. Tables, graphics and images will not be accepted in the submission process. However, we will be glad to see them in your oral or poster presentation during ICMS 2017!


Since the Congress language is English your abstract has to be written in English. Please make sure that you are able to hold your presentation in this language.


Your abstract must not exceed 350 words. If more, there can occur problems with the printing of Your abstract in the book. Your abstract needs to be plain text.
Please do consider the case sensitivity of Your keyboard while typing your abstract and
especially regarding your name because we will use this data to create your conference certificates.


For each presentation there can only be one “presenting author”. If there is more than one author, you will have to choose one person to present your abstract. The other authors may be mentioned as co-authors. The co-authors are not allowed to send another application with the same abstract. If they do so, any person with this same abstract will be disqualified. Co-authors who wish to come to the congress can apply with different abstracts or be passive participants. If two people apply with the same abstract, they will be both disqualified. The same goes for applicants applying more than once even if they do so with different abstracts.

You can watch the VIDEO below for further information on how to proceed with your registration for ICMS 2017:

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