Randa Akouri

Professor Randa Akouri

“Livebirth after Uterus Transplantation”


A Doctor with a story of miracle!

Professor Randa El-Akouri, Obstetrician gynecologist – responsible for the medical miracle breakthrough to Uterus Transplant.

Professor Randa Akouri (MD, PHD) affiliated with the University of Gothenburg and the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden, is working on a research project that has been ongoing since 1999 and aims to provide women with the possibility of having biological children by transplanted uterus.

Prof. Akouri performed the first ever successful uterine transplant that resulted in a live birth! 

Her research team accomplished its first birth in September 2014 and has performed a total of nine uterus transplants that have resulted in five pregnancies and four live births. Women of Courage, Perseverance, and Success!

This medical field has had a long road to success. We can’t wait to hear about it at ICMS 2018!

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