Mr Ross Fisher

Mr. Ross Fisher

“Pediatric Surgery – The Best Job in the World!”

“Paediatric Surgery is the best job in the world. Mr Fisher will describe his journey into paediatric surgery, a description of the basics of paediatric surgery and his specialist role within that as well as insights into our own career development, inspirations and understanding of clinical excellence.”


Mr Ross Fisher MD, is a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK. His specialist interests are Oncological Surgery and Trauma Management. As well as being the chairman for BAPS(British Association of Paediatric Surgeons) Trauma Committee, he was also involved in the National Trauma Re-Organisation Clinical Working Group and The Royal College of Radiology Trauma Imaging Working Party. He is currently co-Chairman of TARNlet.
He has a strong interest in ‘Medical Education’and ‘presentation skills’. A doctor well known for one of the most inspirational talks on TEDx and SMACC
(Social Media and Critical Care)!

Be ready for his inspiring and brilliant talk at ICMS 2018!

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