Science on Trial – The Debates 

Science on Trial – The Debates 

A debate is essentially a discussion in which opposing arguments are presented.  It is said to be one of the best tools in problem solving, as it engages people and forces them to take ownership of their opinions in the process of forming their arguments. In the medical world specifically, debating is a part of a doctor’s everyday life. By moving away from a patriarchal system, the job of a doctor now includes convincing patients as well as colleagues of the validity of his/hers reasoning. Therefore it is becoming essential to be able to present in a clear and concise manner why the course of treatment you have chosen is the best option available.

On a larger scale, a debate is the only way in which health policy is created or changed, by independent governments and international organizations alike. An example is the introduction of new guidelines for HIV-self testing by WHO, which had the aim of improving access to HIV diagnosis, followed by a debate on the issue,in November of last year.

This year, we are proud to introduce the first ‘Science on Trial’ – The Debates event during ICMS 2018. Teams will be chosen from all over the world and you will have the opportunity to either be a member of a debating team or in the audience as the debate unfolds. You will have a chance to listen to different opinions by people from different backgrounds on controversial topics.

The topics of the Debates will be announced soon and the application to be a member of the debating teams will be open later on.

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