Fees and payment



Active Participant

Passive Participant

Early registration fee

(until 13th April)

30 Euro

20 Euro

Late registration fee

(after 13th  April)

40 Euro

30 Euro


       – April 13th 2017 – deadline for early registration fee payment; after this date the due amount is the late fee for each category (active and passive).

PAYMENT WILL BE OPENED IN YOUR PROFILE ONCE YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED!  You first need to register for ICMS 2017 and then we will send you an e-mail once your application is approved.   


You can pay in several ways: bank transfer, at a desk in Medical university of Sofia, via PayPal or upon arrival!

As stated above, if you pay before 13th April, you will pay the early fee for the respected category. After this date or upon arrival, the due amount is the late registration fee!

Bank Account:

To: AMSB-Sofia

IBAN: BG07 BPBI 7940 1053 3734 01


Bank: Eurobank Bulgaria AD

Bank Adress: 1 Bulgaria Sq.;1040 Sofia, Bulgaria

Please make sure you state in you bank order your Token/ID number, which you can find in the  .pdf file that we have sent you after your registration for ICMS 2017.

If you are paying for multiple participants, please state their names and Token/ID numbers in the bank order!

Payment desk at Medical university of Sofia:

The payment desk at Medical university of Sofia will be open on the following dates:

  • 4th to 7th April 2017, 13:00h – 16:30h – Early registration fees are applied 
  • 10th to 13th April 2017, 13:00h – 16:30h – Early registration fees are applied
  • During the days of the congress – 11th to 14th May 2017 – Late Registration fees are applied


You can easily pay with your credit/debit card or if you have a PayPal account from here.

Please make sure you state your Token/ID number, which you can find in the  .pdf file that we have sent you after your registration for ICMS 2017.

N.B Once you do the payment (either via bank or using PayPal) please write an email to info@icmsbg.org with details about your payment and also if you need an invoice.

If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach us at info@icmsbg.org or 00359887004467! We are here to help you!

NOTE!  We cannot refund you the money for your registration fee once the payment has been made at any circumstances. Make sure to get your Bulgarian Visa before paying your registration fee as it will not be refundable in case your Visa has been denied.


Invitation letter will be generated automatically in your profile when your application has been approved. You will receive an email once it is available in your profile for download. Make sure that your personal information stated in the invitation letter sent by us is accurate. If there are any errors, please feel free to contact us at: secretary@amsb-sofia.org in order to receive a new invitation letter with the correct personal information.

Here is a short walk-through video of the payment option: