Oral Presentation Evaluation Criteria


ICMS 2017

For each component is given score from 1 to 5.

Presentation content (total number of points multiplied by 2)

  • Simplicity appropriate for audience
  • Research problem clearly stated
  • Context and importance of research demonstrated
  • Results easily and clearly interpreted
  • Conclusions to point, corresponding to problem

Visual aids

  • Clear, catchy slides, not overcrowded
  • Contribution of colors to understanding, not distracting
  • Font (size, style, quality)
  • Legible figures conveying results effectively


  • Smooth transition from issue to issue
  • Audience contact, eye contact
  • Voice and pacing, Articulation
  • Engagement, enthusiasm
  • Body language, gestures


  • Organization of information
  • Clear “take home message”
  • Possible further implications of the research work
  • Ability to answer questions
  • Adherence to time limit
  • Contribution of the students to the research


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