ADDRESS of Congress venue – 2 Zdrave Street, Sofia, Bulgaria., Preclinic University Center of Medical university of Sofia

University Hospital “St. Ekatherina” 

St. Ekatherina University National Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment in Sofia  (UNMHAT) is an example of the combination of high medical skills, care for the patient, and leader medical technologies which have been brought together at a single place. Its dynamic development over the last 18 years and the expansion of the scope of its activities have created conditions for it to gain a leader position among the centers of cardiology and cardiac surgery in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.



Medical University – Sofia

Medical University of Sofia is the oldest institution for higher medical education in Bulgaria. His Majesty King Ferdinand founded it by a decree at 1917 as a Medical Faculty of Sofia University. Special merits of its foundation and worthy to be remembered are Dr. M. Russev, Dr. St. Vatev and Dr. P. Orahovatz who prepared Alexandrovska hospital’s departments for the needs of future clinics and organized training of teaching stuff. One of the first professors of Medicine in Bulgaria are Prof. V. Mollov, Prof. P. Stojanov, Prof. St. Kirkovitch, Prof. Iv. Kiprov (the first Dean), Prof. R.H. Kann, Prof. T. Petrov, Prof. Pashev, Prof. At. Teodorov etc. In 1942 a Dentistry department opened the doors in Medical Faculty and its founders were Ass. prof. Sl. Davidov, Ass. prof. G. Stiljanov and Prof. Al. Stanishev. In 1950 Medical Faculty was set apart from Sofia University and became an independent structure as Medical Academy with two faculties – Medicine and Dentistry. Later on, at 1951 a Pharmaceutical faculty was associated. Next decades several administrative transformations took places – Higher Medical Institute (1954-1972), Medical Academy (1972-1990) and again Higher Medical Institute. Since 21 of May 1995 according to the decision taken by the National Assembly, the Higher Medical Institute became Medical University. Today Medical University has leading positions as educational, scientific and health care institution in Bulgaria and it’s level corresponds to the world medical standards. High level of theoretical and practical training of students, post-graduate students and specialists is organized according to the requirements of government standards of education and health care politics but with a sufficient academic independence.


Important Contacts

Address: 15 Dimitar Nestorov Blvd., Floor 11 and 12, 1431 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 59 00 52,

Fax: + 359 2 59 40 94

Rector: Prof. Victor Zlatkov, MD

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