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Ace the Case has taken part in ICMS since 2019. It is a team based competition to enhance your skills in collaborative practice. We’re giving you the opportunity to analyze and solve potential clinical scenarios that you could be faced with, in your career as a medical doctor. This year we are joining forces with our partners from Body Interact in order to bring home to you the clinical setting! 

Body Interact is a virtual patient simulator which improves the critical thinking and enhances the decision making skills of medical students. The competition will be around one hour and a half and will consist of one clinical scenario (20 minutes to solve) and a debriefing session. There will be a maximum of 15 teams composed by up to 5 people. The registration for the competition will open on 13th of May and participants can choose if they would like to be in a team with a specific group of people.

The winner team will receive free submission for the Body Interact application which has just been released. For all participants there will be a discount.

May the best clinical minds win!



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