Ace The Case – The Clinical Competition

Ace the Case at ICMS 2019! A team based competition to enhance your skills in collaborative practice. We’re giving you the opportunity to analyze and solve potential clinical scenarios that you could be faced with, in your career as a medical doctor.

Ace the Case is designed in the form of a social event and will take place at Peroto Coffee Shop in the Heart of Sofia!

Designed to bring medical students together, Ace the Case is an event organized by ICMS for the first time! With Ace the Case we provide our participants with the opportunity to solve real-life clinical scenarios as members of a team and compete for the ultimate prize!

The competition will be based on an application designed as an educative platform where students will get the chance to practice their clinical knowledge and decision-making skills. The competitors are divided into 20 teams of 5 members. Each team will have to efficiently diagnose 10 different patients in a limited amount of time. The efficiency is assessed based on: history taking abilities, correct choice of physical examinations performed, appropriate choice of lab tests, imaging and usage of other diagnostic tools.

But that’s not all! Participants will have to make sure that they do not perform unnecessary tests and cost their patient more time or money! Time matters!

May the best clinical minds win!

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