An ICMS Ambassador is a student who wants to promote the International Congress of Medical Sciences amongst  fellow colleagues at their University/Faculty and help the Organizing Committee  reach as many biomedical students as possible.

Let`s inspire the future generation of scientists and doctors!


Advantages of being an ICMS Ambassador:

  1. Be a part of a very friendly and motivated international team;
  2. Be mentioned on our new website
  3. Receive a certificate of appreciation after ICMS;
  4. Get a discount on your participation fee or you can even come for free to the congress depending on the number of participants you attract (50% discount for bringing 5 participants, 60% for 6 participants etc. and a free spot if you get 10 participants)
  5. Receive extra exchange points for your help**

**National level ambassadors only


Obligations of an ICMS Ambassador:


  1. Promote the Congress in the premises of their University using the materials that the OC provides (flyers, posters and brochures*)
  2. Give a presentation in front of students (in any biomedical field)
  3. Send photos showing your way of promotion with enthusiastic people around you (
  4. Actively share information about the Congress on social media such as Facebook and Instagram
  5. Stay in touch with the OC throughout the whole year.

*Europe only


Don’t miss your chance to be part of ICMS 2019!

More information about applying SOON!




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