Kenny Alexandra Rodriguez-Wallberg

Associated Professor Kenny Alexandra Rodriguez-Wallberg


Assoc. Prof. Kenny A. Rodriguez-Wallberg completed her medical education and her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Colombia. As specialist, Dr. Rodriguez-Wallberg was then awarded a fellowship from the Groupement Français de Gynécologie de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescence Paris. She also specialized in Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility and Assisted Reproduction at Cochin-Baudelocque. In 2005 she earned her PhD degree at Uppsala University in Sweden and since 2007, she is a Senior Consultant in Reproductive Medicine at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm and Head of the Program for Fertility Preservation.

At the moment Assoc. Prof. Rodriguez-Wallberg is a Principal Investigator and research team leader at the department of Oncology-Pathology of Karolinska Institutet.

Her specific area of interest and expertise focuses on the impact of cancer treatment on fertility potential and the prevention of infertility through fertility preservation strategies

Assoc. Prof. Rodriguez-Wallberg and her team’s research results have contributed to the improvement of potentially safer stimulation protocols for female patients with hormone-sensitive tumors including breast cancer, one of the most challenging patient groups in the field of fertility preservation.

One of her most distinguished publications is published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. The article describes an investigation of women who received hormone stimulation for fertility preservation did not have a higher relapse rate in breast cancer compared with unexposed control women.The results could influence the clinical practice for young cancer patients wishing to pursue fertility preservation.

Assoc Prof. Rodriguez-Wallberg is also part of the team who done the first protein mapping of ovarian follicles To do that, the researchers isolated the follicles and cultured them in vitro.As a result they could identify the specific proteome profiling of mouse ovarian follicles at three different developmental stages.. The article was published in Molecular Human Reproduction.

In future Dr. Rodriguez-Wallberg and her team are ambitious to develop medicines  that will protect the ovaries and egg cells during cancer treatment.

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