Eliane Piaggio

Dr. Eliane Piaggio

Cancer Immunotherapy

Dr. Eliane Piaggio receives her Biochemistry Degree in the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the National University of Rosario, Argentina. She obtained her PhD in 2000 in Argentine, on the use of IFN-g as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in rats.

Now Dr. Piaggio is the Head of the Translational Immunotherapy at the INSERM Immunity and Cancer unit, Institute Curie.

Her research is focused on developing personalized immunotherapies and identifying biomarkers in order to eventually be able to determine which patients will benefit from which immunotherapy.

Her team is conducting a characterization study of tumor neo-epitopes identified by comparison of the tumor transcriptome and the exome of patients with melanoma and breast cancer. The synthesis of peptides corresponding to neo-epitopes will allow the team to search in patients the presence of tumor-specific neo-epitope-specific T cells in order to consider the use of personalized vaccines against cancer.

Another area of her research concerns the role of radiotherapy in the activation of the immune system in a pediatric tumor model called rhabdoid tumor (TR). The combination of radiotherapy and immunotherapies could improve the treatment of these aggressive tumors.

By characterizing the transcriptome of each immune cell tumors and ganglia draining tumors Dr. Piaggio and her team will be able to establish how the tumor influences immune cells to create the immunosuppression characteristic of cancer patients.

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