Prof. Robert Thomas – Lifestyle & nutrition after cancer

Lifestyle & nutrition after cancer
A review of the international evidence

A talk by Prof Robert Thomas
Senior Clinical Tutor Cambridge University UK
Consultant Oncologist Bedford and Addenbrooke’s Hospitals
Professor of Biological and Exercise science Coventry University

The cost of managing avoidable chronic illnesses is rising at a staggering rate. In the UK alone £1 Billion / year is spend on laxatives, statins, indigestion, blood pressure and type 2 diabetes medication. After cancer treatments these conditions are even more common, further increasing the financial burden of cancer care especially as more people are surviving for longer.

This talk summarises the evidence, which proves that physical activity, nutrition and other lifestyle strategies can help reduce fatigue, arthritis, radiotherapy toxicities, weight gain and improving health and bone health, urinary symptoms and overall quality of life.

By looking only at the scientific evidence and underlying biological processes, it breaks down the myths behind which foods to avoid and which to eat more of. It highlights the benefits of boosting the diet with plant phytochemical particularly polyphenols. It summarises the results of the world’s largest double blind randomised study of a polyphenol rich food supplement (Pomi-T), developed and tested with the help of the UK government’s National Cancer Research Network (NCRN).

Professor Robert Thomas manages patients with breast, colon, urological and skin cancers in two UK hospitals. He is editor of the lifestyle and cancer website ( and the general heath website ( and designed the 1st UK approved course and qualification in cancer rehabilitation. He wrote the evidence review for the UK’s National Cancer Survivorship Initiative and directs a research unit that has designed numerous studies which been published across the world. For these efforts to improve the long term wellbeing of patients he was awarded the British Oncology Association Oncologist of the Year, the Hospital Doctor Magazine UK Doctor of the Year and the Frank Ellis Medal.

Further information can be assess via the CancernetUk website including:

  • The lifestyle tips and resource
  • Lifestyle Research monthly updates
  • The book Lifestyle and Cancer – the facts



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