Scientific sessions

Scientific sessions

Every participant can submit their research work through the registration form.

The categories are: 

  • Preclincal sciences 

In this category participants can present their scientific work which concerns the first stages of research that begins before the clinical trials. For the aims of the research often are used experimental animals to find out if a drug, procedure or a new treatment plan is likely to be successful and useful.  

Areas of research: Anatomy,  Biology, Biophysics, Histology, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Microbiology and etc.

  • Internal medicine

In this category participants can submit case reports which represent unusual clinical cases which have facilitated recognition of new diseases and adverse effects of treatments. These studies have major role in medical research and evidence-based medicine as they help understand the clinical spectrum of rare diseases as well as atypical presentation of common disorders. 

Areas of research: Cardiology, Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Neurology, Rheumatology and etc.

  • Surgery

In this category participants can present original research articles and clinical studies focusing on clinical and laboratory research relevant to surgical practice and teaching, with an emphasis on findings directly affecting surgical management. In surgical research field surgeons and physicians can share knowledge on new surgical techniques and treatment course which impact on patient’s outcome. 

Areas of research: gastroenterological surgery, cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery, breast and endocrine surgery, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, transplant surgery, emergency surgery, maxillo-facial surgery and etc.

  • Public Health

Public Health Research aims to shed light on the influence of the determinants of health, i.e. factors (genetic, environmental, social, etc.) which determine population health. The objective is to use this knowledge to propose interventions and policies, based on scientific evidence, to help improve health and well-being, and reduce health inequalities.

Students from all biomedical specialities are welcome. The only requirement is for the research work to be relevant to one of the four categories listed above (ex. dentistry students can submit a case report from maxillo-facial surgery in the Surgery category).

Abstract Submission Deadline: March 5th, 2023

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