Most frequently questions and their answers
What is ICMS?

ICMS stands for International Congress of Medical Sciences and this year we are happy to celebrate our 22th edition. It’s hosted by ASMB-Sofia and it will take place between the 25th and 28th of Alpril 2024. 


This event allows participants to engage in knowledge exchange through their academic research and to gather theoretical or practical understanding of a subject through lectures and workshops delivered to students by experts from various fields within medicine. 

Why participate?
  • Present your research work and win amazing prizes!
  • Take part in the Clinical Competitions!
  • Pick from a variety of workshops and attend keynote lectures by some of the most distinguished medical and research professionals!
  • Meet fellow medical students from all around the world and experience the spirit of Sofia!
How can I participate?

Our registration is officially open, so you can register here!

Don’t miss your chance to expand your expertise and secure your spot today! Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you there!

Active or Passive? I don't know what to choose...

Each active and passive participant gets the chance to attend lectures and scientific sessions, participate in 3 workshops of their choice and join all of our networking activities. 


But ONLY Active participants can present their scientific research in front of the members of our respected jury, making meaningful contributions to the collective knowledge. Your work can be presented in two ways: an Oral or Poster Presentation. 

How to pay via Debit Card

To pay via Debit Card or PayPal:

  1. Open your profile and go to Registrations

  2. Select your registration form submission

  3. Press the Pay Now button

  4. Fill your information in and select how you want to pay
I have registered, but haven’t received an email yet…

Don’t worry, a confirmation email is definitely coming your way very soon, we just need a little bit of time to process all of the registration forms. 

What about the workshops?

Last year our team planned and successfully executed 75 workshops in different fields of medicine. This time we are determined to fulfill our goals again and make ICMS as  interesting and informative as possible!


We will open the registration for the workshops a couple of weeks before the congress so make sure to go and follow us on our social media to have access to the latest updates. 

How can I register for workshops?

The registration for workshops will open a few weeks before the congress.

Click here for more information about the workshops.

How will I know if my abstract has been approved?

Your abstract will be revised by our Scientific committee and will inform you about your status, whether you are accepted or not with an email.

Can I make corrections to the to my abstract after submission?

Corrections to the abstract and it’s authors can be made by logging into your profile and making the necessary changes. 


You are able to edit your abstract until the deadline.

What are the differences between active and passive?

If you are currently working on your research project, and want to present your work in front of a jury of medical experts and students from all around the world you can register as an Active Participant.


If you are a student or young doctor not currently working on a research project but still eager to experience all that ICMS has to offer you can register as a Passive Participant.


Both active and passive participants get:

  • Access to keynote lectures
  • Access to all scientific sessions
  • Access to workshops
  • Access to all networking activities

Only active participants can present their research in front of a respected jury.


There is a possibility to present your research in two ways: an Oral or a Poster Presentation.

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