Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


ICMS – International Congress of Medical Sciences is an international event that welcomes more  than 500 participants every year. The congress gives the opportunity to students and young doctors  from all over the world to present their research work in a set of Preclinical sciences, Internal  medicine, Surgery and Public Health poster and oral sessions. We aim to inspire innovation and  promote academic quality through an outstanding list of hands-on workshops and keynote lectures  by world-renowned scientists and doctors. 

The organizer of the forum is Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria – Sofia (AMSB-Sofia). 

General Terms  

The following terms and abbreviations will be used in this Terms and Conditions document: ICMS – International Congress of Medical Sciences 

AMSB – Sofia – Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria – Sofia  

OC – Organizing committee, referred to also as “the organizers”, “we” 

We refer to our participants as “you”, “the participants” 

1. Registration and Admission: 

a. All participants must register in advance on the official website of the congress, respecting the  specified deadlines. 

b. All attendees, including participants, speakers, mentors, exhibitors and sponsors, must register  on the first day of the event through the official registration process. 

c. Registrations are subject to approval by the congress organizers. Congress organizers reserve the  right to deny admission to any individual or organization. 

d. Attendees must wear their provided badges all times during the congress. 

2. Payment: 

a. Payment for registration fees, sponsorship packages and exhibition space must be made in full  by the specified deadlines.  

b. Payment methods accepted are as indicated on the event website or the registration form. 

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy: 

a. Cancellations requests must be submitted in writing to the congress organizers.  b. No refunds will be issued. 

c. No refunds will be provided for no-shows. 

d. ICMS will not reimburse any taxes, related or not to the congress such as, but not limited to fees  for: transportation, accommodation, sanitary measures (vaccination, tests or isolation),etc. 

4. Program Changes: 

a. The event organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program, including session times,  speakers, and content, without prior notice.  

b. Every effort will be made to ensure the program’s accuracy, but the organizers are not  responsible for any errors or omissions.

5. Participation Modalities 

a. The participants can choose between active and passive participation. The specifics about every  type of participation are explained in details on the congress website. 

b. All active participants should present their scientific work in the form of oral presentation or  poster in one of four categories – Preclinical Sciences, Internal medicine, Surgery and Public  Health.  

c. All active participants must send their abstracts by the specified deadlines. Abstracts that are  sent after the submission deadline will not be considered. 

d. All abstracts must be written following the official criteria on the congress website. e. All presentation and posters must be made following the official criteria on the congress  website. 

f. All abstracts are published in the abstract book as they were submitted.  g. ICMS OC will not take responsibility for any factual inaccuracies in the abstract book. 

6. Certificates  

a. To receive the certificate of participation, they must attend all the activities they booked (at  least 2 keynote lectures and 3 workshops) 

b. The granting of your certificate will not be conditioned by your participation in the Social events,  but we kindly ask you to do everything possible in order to participate in them. c. By not completing all the above-mentioned requirements, the participant will not be granted the  certificate of participation. 

d. All certificates will be handed out in electronic format. The participants will receive their  certificates via email within 2 weeks after the event. 

e. Any ICMS certificate is internationally recognized.  

7. Conduct: 

a. All attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.  b. Harassment, discrimination, or any disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and congress  organizers reserve the right to remove individuals engaging in such behavior. 

8. Intellectual Property: 

a. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, related to the congress  materials and content are owned by the congress organizers or their respective owners.  b. Attendees may not reproduce, distribute, or use congress materials without explicit permission  from the congress organizers. 

9. Liability: 

a. Attendees are responsible for their own safety and belongings during the congress.  b. Congress organizers are not liable for any personal injury, loss, or damage to personal property.  c. Attendees are encouraged to obtain their own insurance coverage. 

10. Force Majeure 

a. The organizer is not responsible for any event delays, cancellations, or alterations due to  circumstances beyond their control, such as natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks, strikes, or  governmental regulations.

11. Privacy: 

a. By registering for the congress, attendees agree to the congress organizers’ privacy policy and  consent to the collection and use of their personal information for congress-related purposes. 

12. Sponsorship and Exhibitor Terms: 

a. Sponsors and exhibitors must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in their respective  agreements with the congress organizers.  

b. Sponsors and exhibitors are responsible for compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. 

13. Governing Law: 

a. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of  Bulgarian legislation. 

b. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to  the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bulgaria. 

14. Changes to Terms and Conditions: 

a. Congress organizers reserve the right to modify or amend these terms and conditions at any  time. Updated terms and conditions will be posted on the congress website. 

By registering for ICMS, attendees acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to  these terms and conditions.



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