Craig Lygate

Prof. Craig Lygate is an Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and run the ‘Cardiac Energetics and Integrative Physiology’ research group funded by the British Heart Foundation. He studied pharmacy and then moved into laboratory science via a Master of Research in Biological Sciences in Manchester and a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology from University of Glasgow.

Prof. Crai Lygate’s research aims to understand the contribution of cellular energy metabolism to cardiac function in health and disease. In particular, to explore the therapeutic potential of augmenting cardiac energetics in the setting of acute ischaemia and chronic heart failure. His research paradigm is to identify a protein of interest from the literature or from cell-based experiments and collaborate with the transgenic core to create a genetically-modified model of altered protein function. He and his team are often interested in how specific proteins alter the disease process, and they test this in clinically-relevant models of cardiac hypertrophy, ischaemia-reperfusion and heart failure. This provides proof-of-concept on whether tweaking a particular protein might provide therapeutic benefit. 

The creatine transporter (SLC6A8) is a key focus of his current research and is in collaboration with Chemistry Professors to identify small molecule modulators of the creatine transporter as the basis for novel treatments for ischaemia-reperfusion injury. 

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