Robert Brown

Robert Brown is Professor of Translational Oncology and has a joint post between Imperial College London and The Institute of Cancer Research, London. He is Principal Investigator of the Cancer Research UK research programme, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Resistance, and is Co-Principal Investigator in the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.

Professor Brown works on epigenetics and drug resistance research, with a particular focus on ovarian cancer.

Working closely with clinical trials groups, in particular the Scottish Gynecological Clinical Trials Group, he and his team have shown that in ovarian cancer, aberrant DNA methylation and epigenetic silencing of genes in tumors before chemotherapy can predict response to chemotherapy, while acquired methylation of other genes at the time of relapse following chemotherapy is associated with patient survival.

Furthermore, he is identifying cancer specific epigenetic changes and developing novel compounds which target these changes. Recently, he has initiated studies on identifying such targets in ovarian tumor stem/sustaining cells.

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