Thamara Perera

Since 2010 Prof. Perera is a Consultant Liver Transplant Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Prof. Perera and his team are the first to bring in the use of in-situ extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation with autologous blood to revive the donation after cardiac death liver grafts from donor warm ischaemia. They are the first in the world to successfully transplant a revived liver graft from a cardiac death donor into a patient.

He is a pioneer for implementing the use of Normothermic machine perfusion which is a reliable way to assess organ viability preoperatively. The Organ Assist machine works by constantly pumping blood at body temperature into the liver through two blood vessels in the organ. The blood revitalises the liver by taking out the coldness from being in an ice box and also nourishes it through the oxygenated blood. This maintains the liver in a physiological state avoids cooling and allows recovery and improves patient’s outcome.

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